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19TH-29TH APRIL 2023 


Sunday 30th April @ Sounds from the Other City


WORKSHOP: Details coming soon

Samarbeta are excited to announce the successful applicant of our open call residency opportunity for female, trans & non-binary musicians;  London-based composer, violinist and DJ Vindya.

During her Samarbeta residency at Islington Mill, Vindya will explore ways of combining Konnokol, an art form which can be defined as the vocal performance of percussion syllables in South Indian Carnatic music, and Techno, a four-to-the-floor electronic dance music genre. Their aim is to produce some new techno tracks during the residency, using pre-recorded audio, but the main focus would be to implement a live performance element into her usual sets. Vindya will work with a Konnokol performer, chopping and mixing their live input into the sets. They will use the time and space offered during their residency to experiment with different equipment to determine what is most suitable for the sound-world for them. The aim of the project would be to create a live performance-based art which melds the two sound-worlds together. 


“The idea behind this project would be to take the music I compose for the concert hall onto the dance floor." Vinthya Perinpanathan


Vindya will also deliver a workshop giving insight into their creative practice. Details to be announced soon. 

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