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Vinthya Perinpanathan is a London-based composer, violinist and DJ, due to begin her PhD in Sri Lankan ritualistic and religious music in September 2023. Vinthya's British-Sri Lankan identity is expressed through her combining of Western and South Asian music traditions. Her interest in cross-cultural composition was sparked while writing her 2019 duo for tabla and cello, commissioned for the Commonwealth Resounds Awards Ceremony. Vinthya has since gained international performances of multiple works, most notably her 'Caprice in Raga Kharaharapriya' and ‘Flight UL505’. Having more than one string to her bow, she has flourished in the UK dance music scene and become known for her pristine techno selections under alias 'Vindya', filling dancefloors across the country.



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Mithushan Sivagurunathar learnt Mridangam under the tutelage of Sri M Balanchandar at the Bharathya Vidya Bhavan. After developing a keen interest in Morsing and Ghatam, Mithushan furthered his training under the tutelage of Sri AS Krishnan for Morsing and Sri Giridhar Udupa for the Ghatam. Mithushan performs regularly around the UK and has accompanied several leading artists from India and Sri Lanka on both Ghatam and Morsing in the classical scene. Mithushan has also developed a nuanced understanding of fusing his classical training with the diverse music of London.

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