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JUNE 2023

Samarbeta's 19th residency was undertaken by multidimensional artist BORA.


The residency was split between two very different locations: an industrial Georgian Mill in the city of Salford, and a rural farm in the middle of Ynys Môn. 


BORA’s practice spans sound, animation, performance, sculpture, & painting. The world they create is an expansion of their inner space, expressing emotions in ways words sometimes cannot. Their universe is an immersion into an organic process, where you can hear a human being and its inner bodily and mental fluctuations. Through their audio-visual universe they explore layers of identity, unconscious mechanisms, and capture flesh at its core.


During their residency, they re-explored the sonic side to their creative practice. The fast pace of BORA's recent life travelling around the world exhibiting their visual art meant they'd not had time or space to be able to work on their music practise. With three years since BORA’s last album, they were ready to make some new noise. 


A return to sound making, BORA experimented with new ways of making music, exploring new instruments and audio methods. The residency was driven by a fascination with the intimate language of sound, and how it can communicate so much without the use of vocabulary. 


The residency culminated in two live shows in Salford & Newcastle, where BORA shared the sounds they'd been making as works in progress. 

Alongside this, BORA hosted a workshop, 'Deep Feelers', in imaginative 3D digital universe & character creation for the LGBTQIA+ community. Participants received an introduction to two different 3D computer graphics softwares, and were guided in using their creativity to build their own worlds and create characters within them.  

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