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SBR005 - OCTOBER 2015

Since the inception of Samarbeta in November 2013 we had hoped to work with Lydia Lunch, having previously encountered her dynamic personality and skill upon previous visits to Manchester. Her residency went far beyond any expectations as her collaborative spirit and expertise seeped into anyone fortunate enough to take part in her ‘From the Page to the Stage’ workshop. Multi instrumentalist Weasel Walter (The Flying Luttenbachers) lead an immersive workshop on ‘The Art of Improvisation’. From this the participants learnt how to listen and read other musicians during improv and from it formed new collaborations.


All three live shows during this residency were incredible, with Lydia inviting many of her collaborators to Islington Mill to perform alongside her. During her residency Lydia truly validated herself as not only an incredible performer, poet and teacher but also as a caring and inspirational person who went above and beyond to help people further their creativity.


You can purchase the handmade book that was produced and created as part of the residency by visiting our shop right now. It features a CD version of all the performances as part of the From the Page to the Stage live show and all the poems produced by the participants of the workshop alongside original works of Lydia Lunch.

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