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SBR009 - JUNE/JULY 2017

The 9th Samarbeta residency was with Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep. The project entitled ‘LUMA DISCO’ included their new shimmery disco sounds and colourful pop-art lighting techniques that experimented with black light illusion, sound responsive light structures, cutting edge LED sculpturing, RGB shadows and robotic dance formations.


Speaking to the Guardian Stealing Sheep said:

 “We wanted people to watch our gig and for it to be like an image – a sort of illusion, It’s evolving all the time.” This residency will be the next step towards making this dream a reality."


Working with a team of dancers across 10 days in the Islington Mill event space, Stealing Sheep designed an entirely new stage show which was premiered at Manchester International Festival on Saturday 8th July 2017.

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