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SBR016 - OCT 2020

In October 2020 Samarbeta partnered with Fat Out and welcomed Pretty Grim to Islington Mill for a 7 day residency to produce a new performance which was premiered at the digital Fat Out Fest 2020. Pretty Grim were the successful applicants of the an open call opportunity and joined the Mill community on residency from 22nd-30th October.

Pretty Grim produced an immersive AV experience that was aimed to be presented both as a digital stream and live show. Unfortunately due lockdown restrictions changing in the seated live show planned in October 2020 had to be postponed until May 2021. 

Channeling their love for raucous live gigs, electronic music, queer culture and immersive performance art, Pretty Grim collaborated with QUEEF; a queer experimental music & art platform to produce the visual aspects of the piece. QUEEF brought in two further collaborators poet Samiir Saunders & drag queen Black Peppa

Entitled 'My Whole World Is Coming Apart’, the piece is an intense, cathartic, joyful rage of sonic frequencies paired with live visuals and poetry from Samiir Saunders ‘Poetober’ series and live performance from dancer/drag queen Black Peppa. 

Watch back the amazing video recorded by IMPATV and premiered at the 2020 digital Fat Out Fest. 

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