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SBR002 - JANUARY 2015

In January 2015, Swaggerjack were the next in line to complete a Samarbeta residency. The duo, otherwise known as John Powell-Jones and Callum Higgins have so far released two albums through Higgins own, Sacred Tapes label, including ‘Big Church OST’ released on Monday 5th January 2015.  
During their residency the duo locked themselves away within the confines of the Islington Mill Venue Space for a solid week in total isolation. In cutting themselves off from all communication & human contact the duo created a record that is uninfluenced and non-biased (thinking of ‘what will my loved one think’, ‘that’s too similar to something else’, ‘that won’t work live’ will be eradicated).
The residency was heavily documented through photography, HOWEVER the outcome of this residency will not be heard en masse. A record was produced across 2 12" discs as a dubplate, degrading with continual use making no two plays the same. This single copy was immediately hand delivered to the British Library Sound Archive (BLSA) in London, where the record now sits alongside late 19th century cylinders & over 360,000 CD’s as well as 12 other formats of music publications. The recording will only be able to be listened to in person at the library itself as the digital files have been destroyed.

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