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SBR001 - MAY 2014

Charles Hayward was the first musician to take part in the Samarbeta music residency program. From the moment he arrived there was this amazing creative energy and a knowing that this was going to be an incredibly collaborative time at Islington Mill. Anonymous Bash was formed during the month long residency and consists of members from GNOD, Horrid, Locean & 2 Koi Karp. Hayward restlessly experimented with groupings, rhythms and experimental recording techniques to amass several hours’ worth of material that was then shaped and edited to become Anonymous Bash. Utilising the energy from these remarkable sessions, Hayward, and recording engineer Sam Weaver, began to dismantle the finest components of each in order to reconstruct an entirely new sonic experience.

Hayward played, practiced and recorded with over 20 musicians within the Islington Mill venue space and Anonymous Bash was created. Mid week, the group went busking in Piccadilly Gardens to recruit musicians and improvised with Danny Henry, Jali & the Kora and the world percussion collective which then lead to a performance together at Fat Out Fest 2017. 


The week ended in 3 performances at Fat Out Fest, on the main stage as Anonymous Bash, the Video Jam stage scoring James Snazell’s ‘3 Frames’ and the Gizeh Records stage within ‘The Eternal Return Arkestra of Gizeh’ project.


Following the residency and release of the record the Anonymous Bash band have  toured around the UK including performing a headline slot at Supernormal Festival 2015, Supersonic Festival 2017 and a sell out show at Cafe Oto, London.


Having Charles Hayward as our 'guinea pig' was a dream because although he had given much thought to what he personally wanted to get out of the residency he also made time to listen to other peoples ideas and was somehow able to bring them all together and produce a phenomenal record. The time, energy and creativity that Hayward put into the initial Samarbeta residency was inspiring and we will be forever grateful that he enabled us to have such a strong founding to this program.

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