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SBR015 - JULY 2019

WORLDZERO. A nuclear aftermath revealing the shadows of the dead. A release of noxious gas. Images of trees fighting through concrete rubble within bombed out districts. Found and neglected objects reimagined. Surfaces and reflections show gateways into alternate states. Original form and purpose have been forgotten. A cold, dead space becomes alive and the warmth awakens new formations. Light seeps from cracked walls and the sound becomes a heavy levitation. the ark is leaving. The ark has already returned.


The 15th Samarbeta residency was a collaboration between UKAEA, THE SEER and IMPATV entitled WORLDZERO.


The artists took over a disused warehouse on regents Trading, behind Islington Mill and produced a new performance that explored elements of acoustic and electronic sound, body performance, costume and set design, spoken word, light design and mapped projections. WORLDZERO led audiences through a post-apocalyptic filter, re-imagining what it means to be human when the old world collapses and a new one is born from its ashes.


The performance was developed during the Salford residency, under the art direction of Charly Blackburn (UKAEA) and Conny Prantera (THE SEER) with Dan Jones (UKAEA) for sound creation and Jamie Robinson and Isadora Darke (IMPATV) for video content, light design and projections.


WORLDZERO invited a select number of Manchester-based musicians as well as musicians from London and Sheffield. Collaborating artists include: Deyar Yasin, Charlotte Wendy Law, Kaya Moore, Amdeep Sanghera, Sanna Charles and Tom Fug.


WORLDZERO was premiered in the Unit 3 warehouse on Thursday 11th July 2019 and then taken on to Supersonic Festival. It has since been performed in other venues in the UK. 

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