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What is a residency?

A time of reflection for a creative mind, away from everyday obligations.


What does Samarbeta mean?

To collaborate, to cooperate, to pull together


Samarbeta is a project born from the minds of Emma Thompson (Fat Out) and Riv Burns (Sounds from the Other City). Both Emma and Riv have worked together at Islington Mill for many years and worked alongside many artists via Islington Mill’s residency program. It led them to question why a specific music residency doesn’t exist, and thus Samarbeta was born in late 2013.


As is proved through past artists-in-residence, a prolonged period of space and time away from everyday constraints and obligations that are offered as part of a residency program can be so beneficial to a creative mind and so we believe that musicians should be offered this experience as well.


The Samarbeta residency program is an innovative way to progress and encourage the production of new and adventurous music and also encourages musicians to come together and collaborate in a way that without the residency may never have arisen before.


Samarbeta is led by artists ideas so the focus of the residency is entirely flexible it could be a new work, an identity, a visual project, the discovery of a new instrument, a collaboration, a live show and everything in between.

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