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SBR010 - AUGUST 2017

The successful applicant from Samarbeta’s 2017 Open Call residency opportunity was Wilf Petherbridge & Ben Hauke. The London based duo came to Islignton Mill for a 10 day residency in the event space and produced a new recording and performance ‘PLAY’ that celebrated public collaboration and inclusion.


Ben & Wilf conducted two drop in workshops at Islington Mill introducing people to the treated record method, helping beginners and experienced music makers alike to learn about the hands on music making method. These workshops were free to attend and showed the participants how to manipulate records and ways to make different sounds with them. The sound recordings and video footage taken from the workshops helped build a library of treated records which the pair used during their final live performance.  


Following the workshops the pair spent time out on the streets of Manchester & Salford recording public performances. They set up pitches in Stevenson Square and Manchester Carnival, taking with them a number of instruments and electronic effects pedals, and invited members of the public to have fun and explore the sonic possibilities of the instruments. The samples were recorded and like the sounds and videos made during the workshop, these were fed into their final performance.


 The duo also worked with minimalish artish Max Pevsner who provided visuals for the end performance which immersed the audience in the process of the making the final score of music. A live show that culminated the residency took place on Friday 18th August which combined all the recordings, the visuals and some of the duo's pre recorded sounds into an hour long immersive performance.

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