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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

We are so pleased to be able to announce news of our first online residency in collaboration with PARADISE AIR (Japan) and (Metal Liverpool) for 15 days from 25 Feb-8 March

Paradise Air, Metal and Samarbeta are excited to announce three 10 day music residencies happening alongside each other with DRS (Manchester, UK) TORUS VIL (Tokyo, JP) &

M T HALL (Liverpool, UK). Taking place in each city between the artists homes and the three residency sites should Covid-19 guidelines allow.

While ‘in person’ interactions are not possible the residency highlights the importance of sharing ideas and building relationships with other artists. Together with the host organisations, the artists will be working together to explore fluid social communication on digital platforms to create work together, demonstrate works in progress and discuss the future of collaborative music making in different cities and across different time zones.

The artists will be in contact with each other throughout the residency either collaborating on a combined project or working separately and sharing their ideas and working methods through online meetings.

The three organisations will be partnering with one another for the first time, in response to the impacts of the global pandemic and the climate crisis. They will use this opportunity to trial new models of international artist exchange and collaboration through the residencies.

Metal and Samarbeta will be inviting DRS, M T Hall and Torus Vil to share their music and creative process via social media. At the end of the residency the artists will be in conversation online, giving an insight into their processes and how they have found creating in this way during the pandemic (date TBC).


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