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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We are really excited to announce the next three Samarbeta residencies taking place in our newly refurbished Islington Mill home;

SBR018 - Open Call residency for female, trans and non binary humans.

SBR019 - Bora

SBR020 - MC Dälek & Charles Hayward

The first residency of 2023 is an open call opportunity for female, trans and non binary humans. This residency is in partnership with Sounds from the Other City with the residency taking place leading up to the festival and outcome being presented at it. Details of this residency will be announced on Thursday 8th December.

The second is with multidimensional artist Bora. Their practice spans sound, animation, performance, sculpture, & painting. The world they create is an expansion of their inner space and figures the emotions when words sometimes cannot. Through their audio visual universe they explore layers of identity, capture flesh at its core and unconscious mechanisms.

And the third is a collaboration between alternative hip hop pioneer, rapper/producer Will Brooks AKA MC Dälek and the legendary This Heat drummer & composer Charles Hayward. The first ever Samarbeta residency was with Charles Hayward so it feels very right that for the 20th residency we invite Charles back, this time for a one off transatlantic collaboration.

More details coming soon …..


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