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Torus Vil is a project/network organised by Kimiya Sato. It aims to research traditional culture and art while creating a cultural edge that is needed today. Torus Vil. mainly produces music, as well as planning, organizing, performing, and directing concerts, stage performances, workshops, and exhibition.

Kimiya Sato is a musician and composer born in Hokkaido, Japan.

Early exposure to his grandmother’s shigin (a type of Japanese poetical singing), and personal experiences with the chanting in Buddhist temples and the hymnal singing in Christian churches has led Kimiya Sato to create and explore his own personal type of vocal expression. He also plays the violin, viola, and a variety of percussion instruments. 

Joining Kimiya Sato as a member of Torus Vil is pianist, accordianist and singer Mayu Gonto. Born in Tokyo, Japan. Through music, she interacts with the world and adds flowers to all kinds of beauty. In addition to composing and performing music for some groups. She has also been active in the field of stage music and film music. She is the organizer of “Otono Terakoya,” a musical circus created with children.

Kimiya & Mayu also perform as folk duo Mikka Mangetsu

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