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Updated: May 12, 2023

We are excited to announce the details of our 19th residency, multidimensional artist BORA. The residency will be split between two very different locations; an industrial Georgian Mill in the city of Salford and a rural farm in the middle of Ynys Môn.

BORA’s practice spans sound, animation, performance, sculpture, & painting. The world they create is an expansion of their inner space and expresses emotions when words sometimes cannot.

During their residency they will be reexploring the sonic side to their creative practice. It has been three years since Bora’s last album and their time at Islington Mill will see them return to sound making, experimenting with new ways of making music and exploring new instruments and methods of sonic creation. Bora is fascinated by the intimate language of sound and how it can communicate so much without use of actual vocabulary.


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