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SBR003 - PART THREE - MAY 2017

In 2015 & 2016 Samarbeta brought a very special collaboration to Sounds From the Other City festival between Liverpool based trio Ex Easter Island Head (EEIH) & selected members from the BBC Philharmonic.

You can listen to a 2 minute excerpt of the 25 minute piece here.


2017 saw the final performance of the EEIH & BBC Philharmonic trilogy, this time joined by Laura Cannell.


The previous two collaborations have resulted in the composition of new and vibrant pieces of music featuring EEIH performing alongside a harpist, viola player, violinist, trumpet player, and double bass from the BBC Philharmonic. Performances have taken place in contrasting locations  Vimto Gardens and Salford Cathedral both as part of Sounds from the Other City festival. 


The final instalment in the trilogy, EEIH joined forces with musician, singer and composer Laura Cannell whose album, Simultaneous Flight Movement was deemed one of Radio 3’s Late Junction’s Top 12 Albums of 2016. Joining Cannell and EEIH once again are players from the BBC Philharmonic, including a multi-wind pipe instrumentalist, a trumpeter, a violin player and a viola player.


Laura Cannell specialises in playing fiddle, overbowed fiddle, double recorders and other rarefied wind instruments. Her compositions often draw upon ancient transcendental and earthly music and this unique collaboration saw her team up with EEIH and the BBC Philharmonic to compose a brand new, site-specific composition that was premiered at Sounds From the Other City Festival 2017 at Salford Cathedral. 

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