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21st - 29th April 2023

Samarbeta is an artist-led music residency program that exists to offer musicians the time and space away from everyday constraints to produce new and exciting work that otherwise would never be able to be realised. Its meaning is ‘to collaborate’ but this is not a stipulation of each residency. Since forming in 2014 we have worked with musicians such as Lydia Lunch, Moon Duo, Charles Hayward, Stealing Sheep, Ex Easter Island Head, DRS, Laura Cannell, BBC Philharmonic & Thurston Moore. 

This Open Call residency is an opportunity for female, trans & non-binary humans. 


The Opportunity: 

  • 8 day residency at Islington Mill.

  • Live performance or exhibition at Sounds from the Other City 2023.  

  • Delivery of an interactive talk or workshop sharing your artistic practice during the residency. 

The Criteria: 

  • We are open to applications from musicians wanting to work on brand new ideas or developing existing work. 

  • Samarbeta encourages collaboration, especially with local artists in Greater Manchester. 

  • This opportunity is open to musicians at any stage of their career who identify as female, trans or non binary. 


What we are Offering: 

  • £2000 to cover artist fee, workshop delivery, travel & materials. 

  • Accommodation and Hospitality for up to 4 people (two double rooms) for 8 days at Islington Mill (N.B project can facilitate more collaborators but only provide sleeping provisions for 4 people)

  • A rehearsal space to work within at Islington Mill

  • Facilitation & technical support to make your ideas come into fruition. 


  • Friday 6th January @ 10am - Deadline to submit application

  • Friday 19th January 2023 - All applicants informed of the outcome

  • Friday 21st - Saturday 29th April 2023 - Residency at Islington Mill

  • Thursday 27th April  - Workshop/Talk

  • Sunday 30th April  - Performance/Exhibition at Sounds from the Other City 


The Space: 

Islington Mill is a former Victorian cotton spinning mill, now home to over 100 resident artists and collectives ranging from musicians, screen printers, jewellers, costume makers, graphic designers and more all within the building. Islington Mill is a celebration of the unconventional; of radical and subversive thinking – it is a place where anything feels possible. The flexibility and fluid structure is a catalyst for creativity, allowing artists, residents and tenants to challenge accepted notions of what arts and culture can do, and who can be involved. We treasure the independence of Islington Mill and the opportunities to explore and create, to live and work as freely and creatively as possible by fostering an openness to experiment. This is why Samarbeta has been based here since our inception. 


How to apply

  • You can apply in writing, or record yourself answering the questions using video or audio. 

  • Apply by clicking the APPLY button at the top of the page

  • You can view the questions asked in the application here

  • If there's anything we can do to help you apply, please email

  • You are welcome to apply with support from a personal assistant or carer. 

  • Application Deadline: Friday 6th January 2023 @ 10am 

How do we decide? 

We whittle down the applicants to just 10 and we send them to our selected panel of tastemakers who will score the applicants, the scores will be totted up and averaged out and the applicant with the highest average score will be invited to complete the residency. 


The panel:

Vivienne Holmes (Partisan collective)

Siân Roberts (From the Other)

Pops Roberts  (Lovescene)

Sam Ingleson (University of Salford)

Lavender Rodriguez (Tales from other worlds)

If you have any questions or queries please send them to

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