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Sun 28 April  - Islington Mill

15:00-17:30 workshop. - 17:30–19:00 Dinner

FREE to attend inc dinner
To sign up please email

This workshop is exclusively for people of colour 


Here are the details of the free workshop delivered by Ray Aggs during their Samarbeta residency. 


The workshop is for local people of colour and open to both musicians and non musicians. 


You will explore improvised guitar techniques and generative songwriting, meditating on the nature of folk tradition, share ideas around ‘roots’ music, appropriation, belonging, identity and the black diaspora, asking questions such as;


What does heritage mean?

What does place and belonging mean?

What does folk music mean to me as a person of colour?


The first part of the workshop will be about listening. You will be asked to bring with you a folk song you like, a song that symbolises tradition or a song you simply enjoy singing. As a group you will listen to each other's songs, talk about them and maybe sing them together. 


The second part will be making music, maybe even writing a song together. This will be a fun, unpressured environment to experiment with words and music. 


No experience or musical skill are necessary to participate. We really welcome non-musicians to this space. 


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