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Thurs 2 May - VENUE TBC

Doors 18:00. Talk 18:30-19:30

FREE. Reserve your place here

As part of the residency Ray will deliver an artist talk and discussion on Decolonising Folk Music at the Working Class Movement Library.  The discussion is for everyone and open to both musicians and non musicians. 


Their aim is to deconstruct ‘othering’ languages such as ‘world music’ and expand our idea of folk music beyond nationalistic and reductive concepts of origin and ownership. 

To open up a dialogue and ask; 


What does ‘folk’ mean to you? 

Where does tradition begin? 

Who owns a song? 

How can songwriting help us practise listening and build community? 


We really welcome forward thinkers into this space who are interested in the developing folk culture and its place in diverse spaces.


Ray will use their access to the archives in the Working Class Movement Library and Salford Museum and Art Gallery to investigate the local stories and reshare inspiring tales.

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